Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain rain

Well, I can't go outside without getting caught in the rain today. So that means I have spent the day staring at my scrap bins and pondering life's hardest question... What quilt should I make next?
But while I was trying to think of an answer to that, I decided that I needed another bag. ;) I USED SCRAPS THOUGH SO IT'S OKAY! I had (and still have) scraps from trimming flying geese, just perfect for half-square triangles. I can't let any of that beautiful Amy Butler butterfly print go in the trash, it's just too precious.

Check out that lining. It's a bunny! I have a bunny in my bag! :)


And a work in progress. I started this thing two years ago and started hating it. It happens. Now I look at it and think, but now that I have my Juki.. Free motion quilting this beast would be so much fun! I just need to get some gray thread that will blend. Maybe flowers in between the spiderweb blocks? Figure eights? This quilt will be finished by next week! YOU CAN DO IT CASSIE! FIRE UP THAT MACHINE!

xoxoxo insanity

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