Monday, February 24, 2014

Red and white

Today I braved the cold and wind for a quilt photo shoot. And brrrr was it cold. But every once in awhile the sun would peak through the clouds to remind me that it's always a lovely day. This quilt is about 60" square. I had this red and white floral fabric in my stash, and I had a lot of it. I think my mom's friend gave it to me. But that's not a problem anymore! Now I have just a few scraps left. I used the red for the backing and binding as well as the sashing and borders.

I quilted this on my Juki (my baby) with an all over stipple. I always forget how many bobbins I go through when free-motion quilting. But the effect is exactly what I wanted, so I'm very happy! This quilt is soft and warm and lovelovelove. Now it's ready to be given to my best friend. Good thing she likes red! :)


Friday, February 21, 2014


I found myself in need of a new bag when the zipper broke on my last one. Feeling somewhat creative that day, I started stitchin'.

For the first block-turned-bag, I followed this tutorial to make the You Are Here block. Then I quilted organic straight lines to give it some strength. 

But then I needed another bag! One can't possibly be enough! Besides, I have so many scraps! I can't remember which tutorial I followed... It's called a Japanese x and +. I really liked the process of making it. I daydream sometimes about a whole quilt. Mmmm.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swan Dive

I have been putting off starting this blog for too long. So I'm jumping right into it, head first. More like a swan dive. Yes, a swan dive into the quilt blog universe. No more procrastination!

Today I am making a quilt for my best friend. Emily! I love her so dearly, she's been my bestie since the 4th grade. Ten years of friendship. :) I began making the blocks a few months ago, meaning to gift it on her birthday. I was going to do white borders, but I ran out of the white. Tried to buy more, bought the wrong one. Crap. La da da, life goes on. Good thing she loves red! It's basted now, so I should have it completed by tonight (hopefully)...

On another note, I love spray basting. It's my other best friend. I never want to use pins again.