Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Spiderwebs: A finished quilt/longest WIP. Ever.

Hey, this one only took me a year and a few months to finish. I win! I started this one on the ol' singer before it broke and then promptly started to hate it. I posted about it here on my flickr in April 2013. Yikes. I liked the design, but not so much my cheap fabric choices. But then I got sick of looking at the quilt top after a few months...

I didn't really know much about sewing quilt tops together when I started this, so there are a lot of really wonky seams. I like the over-all graphic effect this one has though, very POW POW ZING! The colors pop nicely against this mystery gray fabric.

This is a twin sized quilt. I quilted along various seams, nothing too crazy. This one was too insane to do any intense free motioning. Simple is best sometimes (when you don't know what to do).

Teddy the Jungle Cat approves of this one even if I don't. ;)

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