Wednesday, December 31, 2014

.::Fare Thee Well 2014::.

Ah, the sappy new year's posts are saturating the blogosphere with the mosaics of quilty finishes, but I'll just share a few thoughts here. I've been too lazy lately and I made way too many little things this year that I never photographed. I lost my laptop for the last month, so there is no proof of my marathon sewing for the HO HO holidays. But believe me, it happened. My Juki and I powered through it, as always.

But it's over now, thank the heavens, and I can go back to my steady and sometimes frantic sewing for myself. I would like to start selling my creations in the new year. It's hard to know where to start sometimes... Etsy? Blogging? Craft shows? All of the above? It can be stressful to think about when you just have the end of the dream in your mind. But how do you get there? 

I've learned so much about my sewing style in the past year. I bought my Juki in 2013, but this year I've been using it to its potential with playing with free motion quilting and I feel like I've made some great leaps. Just doing a whole quilt without issue makes me so happy! 

Even if I didn't explore it too much, I made a few garments! Well, a costume for the Renaissance Faire, but still. I made the cape and vest (grommets ugh) and now a whole new world of possibilities for my nerdities has opened up! Can't really see it but I didn't take a lot of pictures. Next season's costume is going to be crazy. 

So that's all really have to say so goodbye, happy new year! :) 

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